Akogate Still Water

Akogate Still Water

This is a production arm of the group. Akogate Still Water is a NAFDAC approved ozonized still water produced in a very siren and suitable environment with world-class production equipment such as the Reversed Osmosis Filtration System. This makes it possible for us to produce quality water with the following features;


  • Taste-quenching
  • Refereshing
  • Cost-efficient
  • Satisfying
  • Pure to the last drop

why choose us

Oasis Water

Oasis Water contains Ozone, the most “environmental friendly” oxidant.

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Wide choice and selection of refill water, bottled water, dispenser water, 100% ready-to-drink water, 100% clean and refreshing.

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Purified Water

Trusted, reliable and proven purification process ensures safe and clean drinking water.

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Want to distribute our products?

Distributors are choosing to stock their shelves with The Akogate Still Water for multiple reasons. While the Akogate Still Water offers a host of benefits for customers, distributors are seeing the benefits as well.

Generous Quantity Discounts

If you’re going to invest in us, we want to invest in you. We offer generous discount for large quantity orders and trial specials for first-time distributors looking to try us.

Repeat & Upsell Opportunties

Unlike other portable purification devices, The Akogate Still Water has replaceable filters. Sell one Akogate Still Water and enjoy repeat customers who come back to buy filters.

Affordable Shipping Options

No matter where you are, we offer affordable shipping options for every country in the world. We’re focused on making sure you have margins that work for you.

Distributor Service & Support

We support our distributors. Whether you have custom needs, want some marketing support, or would just like a featured spot on our blog, we’re here to help.

Ready to start selling?

If you’d like to become a Akogate Still Water distributor, complete the Distributor Application below to get started. We’ll review your application and contact you as soon as possible to talk about how we can develop a plan that best fits your needs. We look forward to partnering with you!