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Is a privately owned Nigeria based company with its headquarters located in Warri Delta State, With satellite offices in Port Harcourt, Rivers, and Uyo, Akwa Ibom Edo States. We are widespread team of focused individual with a passion to perform. Our Specialised range of services has helped in building Nigeria Solar energy technology with our partners and we are determined to touch lives wherever and whenever possible.Our primary aim at Akogate Ventures Limited is to pursue, acquire and develop business whose core function is described within this profile. This activity encompasses both the opportunity pursuit process, as well as the execution of any related conceptual, feasibility front-end engineering and design (FEED) and execution studies. Following placement of an acquired contract within the company, the company will provide the contract with all management and project support and other consultancy services as required in engineering, survey, and procurement as well as working to meet the specification as spelt out in the acquired contract Akogate Ventures Limited with RC No: 664726 will provides a total engineering and consulting package supported by wealth of experienced team fully familiarized with all the logistical and operational requirements of the solar industry and its demanding services.

The services includes the provision of solar representatives at all levels, capable of producing technical survey reports and solar application procedures and all types of solar products and services.

Centralised Street Light System

Akogate has designed a robust street lighting system specially designed for industries and large campuses. This solar based lighting solution provides three-day autonomy and has significant benefits over conventional solar street lights. The system is built son a similar technology used in roof top installations where all the panels are installed in one location and the electronics and batteries are installed in a control room. A highly efficiency inverter converts solar DC input power to single phase AC output power which is supplied to the street lights (and other lights) just like conventional grid-based AC supply.

Quality Control:

We use 200 Wp plus size solar panels manufactured on an export-oriented and automated panel production line. Such panels are normally used in MW scale power plants whereas conventional, stand-alone solar street lights use 75 Wp panels that are usually manufactured on a manual production line. Moreover, MPPT technology draws more power from the panels than the conventional charge controllers. As a result, energy generation per watt of panel capacity is higher by at least 10-15%.

Efficient Electronics:

Efficient electronics for power packs are used in centralized street light system, this results in increase in efficiency by 5-7%. Accessibility to crucial components makes the maintenance easy & components will last for longer duration.

Cost Effectiveness:

Compact design & efficient electronics not only improves the performance of the system but also reduce the cost by 10-15%

Our Design Principles and Site Selection

Due to the distributed photovoltaic power generation system is also a kind of photovoltaic power plant, its design and construction both need to meet the national standard “Photovoltaic power station design specifications” requirements. According to it, design the project site location, solar power systems, electrical parts, access system rationality.

The designed photovoltaic system needs to be safe and reliable to prevent accidental personal injury and loss of public property. The installation and construction of the photovoltaic system shall be included in the construction design of the installation and construction of the building equipment, and shall formulate corresponding installation plans and special safety measures;

Unified design of photovoltaic square and civil buildings on the ground, beautiful and generous, to achieve overall coordination.

Optimize the design scheme, improve the overall efficiency of photovoltaic power generation system as much as possible, reducing unnecessary energy consumption. Achieve the aim of making full use of solar energy and providing maximum power.

As the photovoltaic project, under the premise of meeting the appearance effect and performance index of photovoltaic system, the design scheme is optimized to the maximum extent. Choose the various materials reasonable, eliminate unnecessary waste in the design stage, reduce project costs, save investment for the owners.

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